Season 1 Episode 2
Barbeque Story
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Barbeque Story is an episode of the animated series Rugrats set on the Fourth of July. It is the earliest holiday-themed episode of the series, airing as the first half of the series' second episode.


At a barbecue, Tommy gets a new ball and Angelica steals and throws it over the fence, into the next yard. They escape their play-pen and wander into the yard. While Chuckie searches a tree stump, he gets stuck. During Chuckie's speech, Tommy sees the ball and goes to get it until stopped by a huge dog (on a chain). He proceeds to grab the ball as the dog struggles to run after him. Spike hears Tommy scream and jumps the fence (in the process, he gets a tiki-like decoration caught on his head), scares the dog and rescues Tommy and Chuckie. As the episode ends, Tommy and Spike sit and watch fireworks.

  • This is a 4th of July episode.