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Season 8 Episode 3
Bow Wow Wedding Vows
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Tommy fears Spike has no more time for him on Easter. "Bow Wow Wedding Vows" is a special half-hour Easter-themed episode of the animated series Rugrats.


Tommy notices that Spike is spending more time with Fifi and less time with him. According to Angelica, the two dogs are in love. At her insistence, the Rugrats give Spike and Fifi a wedding, as it is apparent that the dogs love each other and spending alot of time together.

Later, the Rugrats celebrate Easter Nickelodeon-style (in a non-religious way); they hunt for Easter eggs. Meanwhile, Spike has a special surprise for Tommy in the shed -- puppies. Also, Chazz and Kira call on an expert to help plan their Easter brunch, while Didi is afraid that Stu is spending more time on his inventions and less time on her.

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