First: Meet the Carmichael's
Age: 10
Parents: Randy and Lucy
Siblings: Susie, Edwin, and Alisa
Performer: Kath Soucie
Buster is Susie's brother. He is seen is all three shows Rugrats, Preschool Daze, and All Grown Up!

Character BioEdit

Buster is "the king of sportsmanship" for the Carmichaels. Buster and his siblings all make their debut on "Meet the Carmichaels " when their family move into the neighborhood. Like Alisa, Susie also admires Buster for his bravery. He's a typical 10-year-old boy, very active, loves games, and most of all playing sports. He also likes to play with Susie when he can, but he also has a habit of trying to be dominating. Mainly with his older sister Alisa, which can be seen in "The Last Babysitter", as they butt heads for dominance. And decides to play a prank for her sending his friend home. However because of Susie and Tommy's interference, his prank fails and Alisa sends him to bed.