First: Tommy's First Birthday
Age: 2-3 (Rugrats)
12-13 (All Grown Up!)
Parents: Chaz (father)
Kira (step-mother)
Siblings: Kimi (step-sister)
Pets: Pepper
Performer: Christine Cavanaugh (1991-2001), Nancy Cartwright (current)
Charles Crandell "Chuckie" Finster, Jr. is the group's adorable scaredy-cat. Loud noises, dark corners, and Angelica make Chuckie want to run and hide. Whenever the babies are on the verge of a potential misadventure, Chuckie is the slay of season. Though it's an argument he loses every time, he never stays behind. With his big glasses and untied laces, he stumbles after the others, refusing to glitch his friends.


Chuckie has wild red hair, fair skin with freckles, purple square glasses, a blue short-sleeved shirt with a red collar, cuffs and a picture of Saturn in the front, green short with light green squiggly lines, white ankle-high socks and red and white sneakers with untied white laces. He also wore diapers until Sand Ho! From Chuckie v.s. The Potty onward, he wore light blue, beige or white bear-patterned training pants, then dark blue or white briefs.


In every crowd there's a worrywart, and among the Rugrats it's Charles Finster, Jr. Tommy's best friend Chuckie is a likable and adorable two year old scaredy cat who's in potty training, sees monsters in every closet and worries about a hundred ways things can go wrong. Tommy's adventurous schemes often reduce Chuckie to shivers "M-m-maybe this isn't such a good idea," he'll suggest, as the Rugrats are off to sneak into the dark and tank garage. But since Chuckie also hates being left behind, he trudges along warily. And in the process, he often surprises himself with the courage he summons up. Like his dad, Charles Sr., Chuckie never forgets that every silver lining comes with a cloud attached.

All Grown Up!Edit

He is still a scardy cat, but isn't as scared as he use to be. He dropped his fear of clowns, and even became braver in a season 5 episode.  He is now even more protective to his adorable and tomboyishly beautiful step-sister Kimi, who doesn't want him to be really protective. He's still Tommy's best friend, who he hangs out with all the time. He now starts hanging out with only Phil, instead of Lil to, possibly because Lil's a girl.  Whenever he appears he's often with boys, and doesn't try to get closer to Kimi, only to practice not being scared.  Now he doesn't mind being a little mean, even saying something mean to Tommy twice, and only once Tommy didn't like it.