First: The 'Lympics
Performer: Greg DeLisle
None of the Rugrats know his age, we don't even know his age. He is Tommy's rival, so he must be one.

Character BioEdit

Daniel, later renamed "Ty", is the youngest of the McNulty brothers. Daniel/Ty was most likely renamed "Ty" to follow through with the tradition of the McNultys' names starting with "T". Daniel, later re-named "Ty", is the youngest of the McNulty boys. Ty is Tommy's rival allthough in the episode Wash/Dry Story, he was more mean to Kimi when he fell in love with Cynthia, Angelica's Doll. Ty also got his ball stolen and popped by Gabriel Lasky.


Ty look like Dil he has yellow pajamas, like Dil. He goes bare foot, like Tommy. He bald, like Tommy.

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