First: Tommy's First Birthday
Parents: Boris and Minka


Siblings: Ben
Children: Tommy and Dil
Performer: Melanie Chartoff
Diane "Didi" Pickles (nee Kropotkin) (born December 27, 1960) is Tommy and Dil's beautiful mother. A part-time schoolteacher and married to Stu. It is revealed that she is coulrophobic or afraid of everything, just like Chuckie Finster. Didi is also a Jewish-Russian American since having 2 Russian Jewish parents and may also have been born in Russia. Arlene Klasky said that she based the character on herself.


Didi Pickles is the classic, practical, responsible, but often over protective mom. Obsessed with doing things the right way, Didi has read all the latest child reading books and watched every How to Raise Your Kids video ever made. However, in her quest to be the perfect mother, Didi tends to overly worry about every little thing Tommy really understand and thinks. Ironically, she often so preoccupied with trying to be the ideal mom, she fails to notice Tommy take off on one of his adventures.