First: Meet the Carmichael's
Age: 6
Parents: Lucy and Lucy
Siblings: Susie, Buster, and Alisa
Performer: Cree Summer
He is Susie's big brother. Besides his mother, he is the smartest Carmichael.

Character BioEdit

Edwin is the Carmichaels' "brain trust". His room is designed from the idea of a wealthy man's library, as he is an avid reader, he's the most quiet one compared to his siblings. Edwin also frequently wears 'Einstein' pajamas. He is extremely intelligent, known for playing computer games and once built a lazer with his friends at his birthday party. He's given more of a speaking role in "Tooth or Dare" when he explains to Angelica and Tommy about the tooth fairy. Although Angelica doesn't believe he really got anything or even lost a tooth, she becomes convinced when he shows his missing tooth.

His LibraryEdit

His library is like the White House Library. or like Gorge Vanderbilt's, or maybe like a public library. It's just a big library! He also wears Einstein pajamas, which we learned in The Last Babysitter