Golden Boy is the final episode of the series All Grown Up!.


It starts out when Lou has a garage sale outside the Pickles house, Lou gives an old car to Drew and Stu. Whereas Didi gets a shredder and starts to go crazy with it, After Lou tells Tommy about the baseball game when they're going. Tommy Says he has a date with Rachel. So he took Dil instead.Tommy gets jealous of Dil. After Lou took the two boys hiking. But after the boys were fighting to see who's the best grandson. After Lou fakes to be knocked out, the boys take him back home and feeling sorry for fighting. After Stu And Drew destroy the old car and Lou get mad because it belonged to Elvis Presley and Lou gives the boys a note of his greatest grandchild, after Didi destroyed it. Then they found out. It was a prank, but the note said "Got Ya"!