Season 9 Episode 24
Kimi Takes The Cake
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The babies search for a birthday cake and they don't know their parents have it.


The episode starts at a party place, Didi walks up to Stu and checks if he got the right cake which is a Reptar cake, and it is an ice cream cake for Kimi's birthday. As the parents left the babies with Taffy, the babies sneak away and find the cake, they were finding it because they thought the cake was missing. As the babies walk through the party place they realize they're the only babies there, because the place was full of teens and grownups. Later, the parents came back to Taffy and they realized that the babies snuck away from the her. The babies didn't find the cake, and the parents checked if the cake was not melted but the cake did melt. The babies come back to their parents and ate the melted remains of their Reptar ice cream cake. This episode ends with Taffy singing a birthday song to Kimi.