First: Planet Wait-Your-Turn Rugrats In Paris
Children: Kimi and Chuckie
Performer: Julia Kato
Kira Watanabe-Finster is Kimi's biological mother. At first, she was single. Then, she became Chaz's second wife, and most importantly, Chuckie's beautiful new mother.


The single mother of Kimi, Kira became Chaz's second wife, and most importantly, Chuckie's new mother, in the Rugrats In Paris film. In the movie, she worked as Coco LaBouche's secretary at the Euro Reptar Land park, but apparently became unemployed after marrying Chaz and moving to the states. Her first stateside job -- as revealed in The Fun Way Day -- co-owner of The Java Lava coffee house, with Chazz owning the other half.

Cooltoons BioEdit

Kira is Kimi's mom and Chaz Finster's wife. She met the Rugrats and their parents when they were visiting the offices of her old boss, Coco LaBushe, in Paris. Besides her beauty and intelligence, what really made Chas and Chuckie fall in love with Kira was her love for children and her kindness. She currently runs the Java Lava coffee house with Chaz, and is always helping out wit a great suggestion or a decorating tip.

Note: From the official Cooltoons website