First: Meet the Carmichael's
Age: 40
Randy Carmichael is a writer for the legendary "Dummi Bears" show, who lives next door to Stu and Didi. He is a father of 4 children (Buster, Alisa, Edwin and Susie); he is also Lucy's husband. While at home, Randy does not like to talk about the "Dummi Bears".


Although he doesn't like to talk about his job, in "Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster" he seems very enthustatic about his plots that he writes, however his boss doesn't seem to like his ideas finding them not exciting. And insists that he stays in his current neighborhood, calling his neighbors inspiration and a "writer's goldmine". Randy seems to keep a mature, calm attitude. He apparently once won an award for his comedic talents (most likely in his writing for the Dummi Bears), which is surprising given his attitude.