Rugrats In Paris: The Movie
Rugrats In Paris: The Movie
Writer Gabor Csupo
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The babies are off to Paris on vacation as Stu lands a job desingning a giant mechanical Reptar for Euroreptarland. While there, Chuckie's dad, Chas fall for Coco LaBouche, the manager of the amusement park, who he thinks loves children as much as he does but in reality is only wooing him to further her own career... Meanwhile, the Rugrats explore Euroreptarland along with their new friend Kimi (the daugter of Coco's assistant Kira). As Chuckie tries to get confidence he needs to find ""The Princess", who he thinks should be his mommy, Chas makes plans to get married to Coco... The babies stop the wedding in time. With the help of Stu's Reptar. Tommy and the gang tear up Paris as they rush over to Nortre Dame to put an end to the worst decision Chas would ever made! And even wrestle with a mechanical Robo Snail, Reptar's arch enemy. Piloted by Coco's right-hand man Jean-Claude. Rugrats in Paris came out in 1999 but it was shown in TV in 1999.
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