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Smedley is Winifred's son, Hedley's twin brother, and Phil and Lil's cousin (Smedley's maternal grandmother's great aunt was Betty's great uncle's second cousin). He is considered a minor character in the Rugrats TV series as he only appears in one episode.



The identical twin brother of Hedley, Smedley is a one-year-old boy and cousin of Phil and Lil. Smedley and his sister's personalities are the opposite of Phil and Lil's.


Smedley has pale-peach skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. He has brown hair and is often shown wearing a lime-green coat and a pair of dark-green pants along with red shoes.


Smedley has only appeared in one episode of Rugrats, The Perfect Twins. He is voiced by Daniel Radcliffe.

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