The Rugrats Movie
The Rugrats Movie
Writer David N. Weiss
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After The Family Tree the Rugrats star in thier first feature film.


Tommy's new baby brother Dil is loud, cries all the time and gets all the attention. The babies decide that the only way to get things back to normal is to take Dil back to the hospital. They jump in their brand new Reptar Wagon to do just that, but a wrong turn leave them lost in the woods... As the parents panic and the media is alerted to the Rugrats disappearance, Angelica takes off with Spike to find them herself, because thay have Cynthia. Meanwhile, in the forest the babies meet a troop of monkeys that have escaped from the circus as they travel via land and water in their Reptar Wagon. As the night rolls in, Tommy finally warms up to Dil, realizing his litttle brother is his "Spinitility". As the babies journey closer to being rescused, they also find out thay are being bursued by a large wolf. They make it back safely to their parents. Only with the help Tommy's dog, Spike.