Tommy Pickles
First: Pilot
Age: 18-23 mos. (Rugrats: Seasons 1-6); 24 mos. (Rugrats: Seasons 7-9); 12 (All Grown Up)
Parents: Didi and Stu
Siblings: Dil
Pets: Spike
Performer: Tami Halbrook (1989-1990) E.G. Daily (1991-2008)
Thomas Malcolm "Tommy" Pickles (looked like Charlie Brown from Peanuts) is the funofficial leader of the babies. He is always ready for adventure with courage to spare. Sometimes he leads the babies into double (usually as a result of one of Angelica's lives) , if he manages to lead them back out again. he's a loyal friend and always ready for action


 Tommy Pickles, leader of our intrepid band of Rugrats, is intelligent, courageous, compassionate and articulate. he also happens to be 18-23 months old (Seasons 1-6) and 24 months old (Seasons 7-9) which gives him an endlessly interesting perspective on life. Stu and Didi Pickles do their best to coddle their oldest child. But as Tommy says his 1st time catchphrase, "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!" Under the not so very watchful eyes of the grown-ups, he leads his Rugrat friends on expeditions to unravel the great mysteries of life -- like "Where does the light go when the refrigerator door is closed?" To Tommy Pickles, the world didn't always make sense, but it makes an incredible park.
Tommy Drives A Car

Tommy wanted to be a man (probably Stu).

Tommy Pickles Detective Masked

Tommy is a spying superhero.

All grown upEdit

Now, Tommy doesn't go on adventures, and in fact is a regular preteen.  He now goes to concerts for preteens like the 16 year-old Emica concerts and the Sulky Boys band.  Now he's more into playing with just the boys, only playing with Phil and Chuckie.  He doesn't want to play with Dil, due to the fact he's weird and because Dil does a lot of things Tommy doesn't want to do. Throughout the series Tommy has gotten even less closer to Dil, and at season 5, Dil started to not want to play with Tommy eitheir, even trying to get new friends. Now Tommy has a special talent, filming and making movies. He doesn't get bullied by Angelica as much, even saying "no" to her in All growed up, the movie of All grown up.  He in fact is a little mean to  Chuckie at times, calling him the worse paper football player ever, making Chuckie start being sarcastic to try to make Tommy feel bad, in which a surprising result he wasn't sad, thinking of it as a joke.