Trading Places is a Season 5 All Grown Up! episode.


It all starts when everyone is watching a designing show, expet for Kimi.  Kimi tells them she doesn't want to watch it, so she won't.  Lil is puzzled by Kimi's very odd behavior, as Chuckie says he really knows Kimi and she's in love with the show.  Later at school, Kimi is suspended fro writing a inapropriate poem in class, and Chuckie has to walk her home as she won't tell Mr. Pangborn (The Principal) any infarmation about her poem.  Chuckie wonders if he needs to look out for his little sister more, as he knows something is bothering her.  Then Kimi yells at the mailman telling him not to deliver mail if it isn't for her, making him scared.  Now Chuckie is just surprised by his little sister.  Finally, Chaz and Kira tell the gang they are going to there new Dancing Studio to practice.  This leaves Angelica to babysit.  Tommy finds a way to trick Angelica into distracting Kimi.  Chuckie, not so proffessional mess' up the house.  When Kimi comes home, she hates her room.  Then Kimi tells Chuckie what was bothering her, her 'stupid' father forgot her present.  Then  she figures out she has a present, a new baby sister!


  • Goof-up- Chuckie accidentally paints the front of Phil's white shirt yellow, but the paint dissapears later in the episode.

Kimi's birth father, step mother, and half-sister all appear in this single episode.

In this episode, Dill being, well, Dill, get's hookede on 'Fung Shui' in this episode.

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